Skill Based for Endorsed Referrals...

Obtaining referrals requires a lot more than simply asking for referrals. It is a process that is more profound than most realize. For business contacts to give you a referral, they must:

  • Like you and trust you will do what you proclaim
  • Recognize who profitable prospects are...their position in a company, the industry in which they are employed, and maybe even what they look like
  • Realize issues that prospects face or events that could trigger a need
  • Know how to communicate your expertise and relate a story of how you have helped one of your clients

CEO Network teaches six separate skill sets for its members to coach their network partners (and even their own clients) to prepare these referral sources to be effective. Our training is unique. One new member said he was embarrassed that he did not realize all the essentials to maximize referral results. Many feel somewhat like that, because once you understand what the source needs to be effective, it seems obvious. A profound quote from Edward R. Murrow says it best..."The obscure you will learn eventually, but the obvious takes longer." Yet sales training generally says, "ask for referrals." We know it's more than's a process. Members find that once they learn CEO's skills and practice them regularly, they gain a great deal of control over getting qualified referrals and thus increasing revenue. CEO Network Partners' goal is for each of the members to obtain 25% of their annual new business through referrals they received from the other members. We teach our members the skills and provide periodic skill practice so they win business and increase profits.