Carl R. Allred

Carl R. Allred

Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Bukowski Law Firm, PC

1601 Rio Grande St
Suite #300
Austin, TX 78701

P: 512-614-0335
C: 817-307-7411
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Carl R. Allred is an Associate Attorney at Bukowski Law Firm. While attending law school near Detroit, MI at Western Michigan’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School he worked as a Title Curative Supervisor for Randall S. Miller and Associates in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Soon after graduation Carl and his wife relocated to Seattle, WA where he passed his first bar exam and pursued a short career in family law. Longing for his home state of Texas, and a desire to re-enter the world of real estate law, Carl and his wife finally came home to their native state. After passing the Texas bar exam in 2018 he went to work as a Municipal Attorney primarily in the areas of commercial real estate, eminent domain and employment law. Seeking to pursue a career more focused towards commercial real estate transactions Carl came to work for Bukowski law firm in August 2021