Structured for Top-of-Mind Awareness…

Maintaining the focus on referral exchange is paramount.

CEO Network Partners is proud of its environment in which members can easily promote their business. At each meeting all the activities, exercises and programs are designed to increase interaction among members and visitors. There are different agendas to accomplish the referral results:

  • Referral Round-Up gives members the opportunity to illustrate their distinctive competence and field questions regarding the industries they serve and connections requested.
  • Referral Skill Exercises reinforce the basic skills that are part of the referral generating process. Although these skills are taught at the CEO Network Partners Training, it is important to review and practice them periodically to ensure maximum success. During this type of meeting, members practice the skills by highlighting various aspects of their business.  Often with secondary markets emphasized, members clarify prospective clients and, many times, gain new referrals at the meeting.
  • Business Educational Guest Events provide the opportunity for members to invite their clients and contacts, even those who are not in a marketing capacity. By including a wide diversity of visitors, members expand their networks as well as gain information to develop and strengthen best practices in their own business.

By alternating the meeting schedule to include all three meeting agendas, we maintain a strong focus on increasing the members’ revenue with high quality referred prospects.

In addition none of the meetings are bogged down with administrative details. A leadership team makes the decisions for the group so that the focus is maintained.

The total focus on exchanging meaningful referrals through powerful introductions makes THE difference!

CEO Network Partners is currently meeting virtually, the second and fourth Tuesdays from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM (CST) via Zoom.

On the first and third Tuesdays of the month, we are meeting in person for a lunch meeting.