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About CEO Network Partners...

Genie Fuller, Founder and President

Genie Fuller began her career in financial planning and has spent about 30 years putting that expertise to work perfecting a goal-shattering business development strategy. A master of generating referrals for profitable new business, Genie's mission is to help her clients capitalize on the contacts of both their client base and business associates.

Genie is passionate about making connections happen and is the author of three books on the subject: Winning the Referral Game , The Network Leadership Manual and Winning Referrals Achievement Guide.

Genie Fuller founded CEO Network Partners in Dallas, Texas in 1988. What started as one referral group expanded to 10 across the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex in only 15 months. Following this rapid growth, Fuller began providing consulting services to local accountants, lawyers and bankers, teaching them how to obtain referrals using the system she had developed. The firm gained national attention from financial advisors and expanded from coast to coast in 1992.

In 1998 Fuller sold the national outreach of CEO Network Partners, retaining rights in Houston and Dallas. She also added a highly effective workshop, "Winning Referrals," to teach her proven methodology to professionals and entrepreneurs. The workshop amplified her consulting services for professional service firms.

Now Genie concentrates her energy on the Houston group, which has developed into a close-knit network that freely shares referrals. Although the network is highly successful with a group of prominent Houston leaders, there are still a few categories that are open for qualified professionals.

Genie Fuller is committed to winning. She will spearhead your person-to-person marketing campaign to multiply your revenue. Join her winning team today.