Structured for Top-of-Mind Awareness…

CEO Network Partners meets on a weekly basis to make it easy for its members to generate high quality referrals.

Although some may question if weekly is too often, weekly interaction creates top-of-mind awareness. Several years ago, Genie Fuller recorded results from a network group that met semi-monthly. She contrasted those results with reported referrals and subsequent sales of CEO’s weekly meetings. The results proved that weekly meetings produce an average of four times the results of the twice a month group. The best referrals happen subconsciously. Those referrals happen in the normal course of business when a member notices something or hears something about a disturbing issue. In the moment of need, members refer a network partner to provide the solution. It takes keen awareness to stay on top of those referral cues. Weekly meetings deliver the needed mindfulness to make that happen. Introducing a network partner and endorsing his or her expertise is easy when someone expresses a plea for help. CEO Network Partners meets weekly to sustain the awareness that supports recognition of a referral opportunity.

CEO Network Partners has a strict membership process to ensure that each applicant is in sync with the focus of the network.

Our members conduct business with the C-Suite of middle market companies in Houston. Each member is an established business leader in his or her industry, and has contacts that work for the other members as well. The membership is non-competitive so a member’s business activity does not overlap another member’s focus more than 25%. Because there is no competition, members feel comfortable discussing their clients’ issues. Applicants for membership are vetted by the leaders to ascertain if the applicant’s membership will be a winning connection for the group and the individual. This careful screening produces a marketing culture to-die-for.

Although a professional comes to CEO Network Partners to get business referrals, they soon learn they must give to get.

However, once trust and rapport is well-founded, they actually give referrals because it is the right thing to do. Our environment forms a motivation to listen for needs and refer another member. As a result, CEO Network Partners does not pressure members to give referrals. CEO employs all the essential details to support its mission of referral exchange. Therefore everything at the meetings and the suggested interaction outside the meetings is aimed toward maximum business success.

The entire weekly meeting is structured for the members to promote their businesses.

Methods to grow the group, administrative details and program planning is done by the leadership team of four long term members and Genie Fuller, the Founder of CEO Network Partners. The leaders maintain the winning structure and entertain suggestions from the others. Over many years leaders have discovered that maintaining the referral generating structure and integrity of the group, members receive the desired results.